Full Management

GAZC offers full management in any kind of workpackages, including all process steps from the purchase of raw material to the final delivery to its customers.
As a consolidated company in the aerospace industry, GAZC has developed key support areas such as program management, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, and ad-hoc logistic solutions.
Our target is the excellence in operational performance.

Spare Parts – Aftermarket

GAZC offers spare parts and repair services to its customers. GAZC has shown a reliable 24/7 service, and ad-hoc services to its customers.


Expedite and AOG deliveries are feasible as all the production steps are integrated under one roof. Dedicated resources and production flows are allocated to speed-shop orders.


Kitting and VMI

GAZC has experience delivering parts in kits and VMI.

  • Kitting: Delivering complex kits for high-rate or low-rate programs
  • VMI: Parts inventory maintained at customer site on consignment by GAZC